[Top 5] Wargame Red Dragon Best Decks (2024)

Decks alone don't win wars...

With thousands of units to choose from, building a deck in Wargame: Red Dragon can be one of the most daunting tasks a player can endure. There are a crazy number of nuances that get buried under the ocean of stats and overwhelming choice. Here we've listed our top five best decks to most effectively play the field without worrying too much about deck building.

5. Israel General

Israel General Deck Gameplay

I'm hesitant to add Israel because, like many other players, it seems as though Israel can really upset the "delicate" balance of Wargame: Red Dragon's units – especially considering it's a paid DLC. That being said, they also get access to some of the most broken units in the entire game. As unique as they are over-powered, some of Israel's units can single-handedly turn the tides of 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Don't be surprised if people flame you for using a "cheese" deck/nation. You have been warned.

What's awesome about Israel General Decks

  • You can bring infantry in the Merkava IIA - an "IFV" that is highly armored, carries a grenade launcher, a 105mm cannon, and is technically not a tank. Technically.
  • Doban-LRs use the Spike MR, which is the fastest traveling ATGM in the game, giving vehicles little time to hide, unlike most long-range anti-tank solutions.
  • Maglans, thanks to the Spike, are among the deadliest special forces units thanks to their Gilion assault rifles and Negev LMG. Despite being a five-man squad, Maglans can easily be stacked and used as a fatal flanking force against anything except aircraft.
  • Israel's emphasis on quality-armor is evident. Some of their tanks can easily match up or even outclass the best of Redfor tanks. They are extremely expensive and are irresistible targets but come equipped with some of the best protection and weaponry. The Merkava line is especially powerful and combines high-mobility, decent armor, and high damage potential.

Israel General Deck details

4. Eastern Bloc Motorized

Eastern Bloc Motorized Deck Gameplay

What motorized decks lack in armor they more than make up for in speed. These decks tend to work best on low-point tactical games where there are very few, but very high-quality units in play. These decks are not meant for slugging it out. They are only useful as a hit-and-run guerilla force that is not recommended for new players.

What's awesome about Eastern Bloc Motorized Decks

  • Incredible Recon and Special Forces units that border on being completely OP like the Formoza who carry deadly grenade launchers that outclass even the Spetsnaz or Li-Jian napalm launchers.
  • Eastern Bloc nations have incredible line-infantry like East Germany's Wachregiment that boasts a 15-man, shock-trained squad with the deadly Skorpion SMG and a decent SAW.
  • Great supporting options for multiplayer matches, use your invaluable recon to call out targets and use your SF infantry to flank static positions.
  • Your units will have faster, lighter transport options due to being a motorized force – use them to rush forward positions and then move on when heavier reinforcements arrive.

Eastern Bloc Motorized Deck details

3. Commonwealth General

Commonwealth General Deck Gameplay

Commonwealth decks are probably the most adaptable of the Blufor coalitions as they retain most of the versatility of Blufor decks while also still fielding deadly armor, infantry, and unique prototype units. The main aim is to keep your units alive as they are not as disposable as RedFor ones, especially the line-infantry. These decks also tend to lack decent helicopter support, and AA is slow to reach the frontline.

What's awesome about Commonwealth General Decks

  • They field some of the best, most cost-effective line-infantry in-game such as the Fusiliers '90 who carry the deadly the LAW 80 for tanks, and an L86 LMG that can be fired on the move and within contested buildings. You could also field Diggers '90 for infantry-heavy areas while the Fusiliers target vehicles.
  • Shock and Commando infantry is also a huge focus as Commonwealth gets access to SAS and Gurkhas – perfect infantry for either punching through enemy lines or sneaky search-and-destroy missions.
  • Challenger 2 tanks can deal with most armor, Stormers, and Challengers/Centurions can take on most threats even if they aren't airborne.
  • Unique vehicles like the Vickers MK.11 can make excellent harassing units and excel at ambushes

Commonwealth General Deck details

2. USSR Mechanized

USSR Mechanized Deck Gameplay

If you ever find yourself going into a meat grinder, then chances are you're going to burn through a lot of infantry. Thankfully, these decks are full of quality troops and fire-support vehicles that easily tear through forests and towns. Beware, this is a slow-moving force – most reinforcements are going to take a long-time reaching the front, and armor-heavy decks will destroy you in the open. These decks are effective in high-point game modes due to the relatively costly units.

What's awesome about USSR Mechanized

  • Tons Motostrelki '90, who, while not precisely the best line-infantry, carry the devastating RPG-7VR, which can two-shot even the most stalwart super-heavy tanks. You can also field Spetsnaz to dig-out infantry with their deadly napalm launcher while the Motostrelki draw fire.
  • Deadly IFVs such as the BMP-3 that can BMPT – both of which obliterate infantry and some lightly-armored threats. The former can reliably harass heavy armor with it's ATGM. At the same time, the latter is very survivable and will be incredibly hard to destroy to its uniquely high front armor for an IFV.
  • A robust suite of support options to protect your frontline – Tunguskas stun aircraft almost instantly while BUKs and TORs give you decent ways to expand your AA net.

USSR Mechanized Deck details

1. Redfor General

Redfor General Deck Gameplay

Probably the most adaptable platform in the entire game, an unspecialized Redfor deck gives you a solid counter to basically anything NATO could throw at you. However, what you get in versatility you pay for in unit availability and a lack of prototype units. Play smart; this deck, inspired by the great Razz, is built for adaptability, which means some units will only be mediocre against a more specialized force.

What's awesome about Redfor General Decks

  • A jack-of-all-trades deck that is incredibly flexible and straight-forward. Not every unit the hardest-hitting, but each one fills its role decently.
  • Full of cherry-picked units from each nation, but this is mitigated by the lack of the highest-end options.
  • Apart from the broad spectrum of units, this deck is optimized for high cost-efficiency to get the most out of your income.
  • When (not if) a teammate quits, you can usually help fill the gap no matter what situation all though it would u be best to communicate with teammates in case someone has a more appropriate niche.

Redfor General Deck details

Wargame: Red Dragon is more about positioning and maneuvering rather than brute force. So while these deck might be among the most effective, they are far from foolproof. Always remember: a deck is only as strong as the player.

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[Top 5] Wargame Red Dragon Best Decks (2024)
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