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The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg has become one of our family’s favorite Christmas books! Here are several Polar Express Activities and Crafts that young children will love to go along with this wonderful book.

About the Book

The Polar Express book is a magical story with a little boy as the main character who is lucky enough to take a train ride to the North Pole. He is presented with the first gift of Christmas, a silver bell from Santa’s sleigh. On the way home he loses it, but it appears under his Christmas tree on Christmas Day. However, when he rings it for his family his parents can’t hear the sweet sound of the bell ring. This is a beautifully illustrated story of the holiday season with a message of believing.

This popular book has become a holiday tradition in many homes and classrooms.These fun activities will be a hit after you read this story.

Roll and cover the tickets. When you cover all 6 tickets you win!This game is great for number recognition and counting.

DownloadThe Polar Express Dice Game

Make Your Own Polar Express Trainfrom Tippytoe Crafts – A simple train craft that gives your students the chance to put the letters of their name in order.

Painting with Bells from Happily Ever Mom – Invite students to put paint onto a piece of paper or cardboard. We have our paper in a shallow cardboard box so the bells are contained. Then, put a handful of bells onto the paper and move the box from side to side and watch them spread the paint.

Train Sensory Bin from Inspiration Laboratories – This is one of my favorite activities because you probably have most of these items on hand and it creates the opportunity for hours of pretend play!

How to make a cardboard train from Kidlist. This would be amazing to play in all December long!

Jingle Bell Lacing from CBC Parents – The best part about this activity is the fine motor skills that you are strengthening! You could also make it into a counting activity by having a different number by each stick. Then, challenge the children to thread that many bells onto the stick.

Polar Express Shape Trainfrom The Bestest Mom – Simply cut construction paper into shapes and let the children design their own train. They don’t all have to look the same!

Train Shape Matching Activity – These free printables will focus on identifying and matching shapes to make a train.

Make a Polar Express Conductor Hat from My Activity Maker – This Polar Express activity uses a paper plate and a piece of construction paper to make a conductor’s hat.

The Polar Express Activities and Crafts - The Activity Mom (10)

Make a train track out of masking tape like they did at Adventures of Adam – Kids will have a good time driving their trains on the track, sorting them, and creating their own Polar Express.

The Polar Express Activities and Crafts - The Activity Mom (11)

Rhyming Train at Free Preschool Printables – Connect each train car that rhymes to make a train with these fun printables that compliment this book.

Create a Polar Express Lantern from Ready Set Read – Turn a plastic container (like a Starbucks cup) into a lantern with a battery operated tea light candle and accessories like pipe cleaners and ribbon.

Polar Express Coloring Pages from 123 Homeschool for Me – These Polar Express printables are perfect for kids who have extra time, want to retell the story, or to just get creative with.

Make a Polar Express Themed Snow Globe using a Baby Food Jar from Early Activities and Projects

Toilet Paper Tube Train from Homeschool Creations

Free Printable Polar Express Tickets for a Polar Express party, movie night or a Polar Express Day at school.

Hot Cocoa Counting Cards from Preschool Toolbox – A great way to drink hot chocolate and count marshmallows too!

Other Ideas:

  • Have a PJ Day!
  • Stamp with paint and train cookie cutters
  • Watch the Polar Express movie (one of our favorite Christmas movies!)

Whether you are having a Polar Express Day, just watched The Polar Express Movie, or you are having a fun Polar Express party, you will have so much fun with these activities! Merry Christmas!

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The Polar Express Activities and Crafts - The Activity Mom (2024)
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