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I looked all over the Internet and couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to beat 4 insane terran AI, it seemed… unbeatable. I tried every possible race composition for my insane AI computer team mates and just couldn’t get it to work. One of the big problems is that your computer allies just end up being so stupid. Really it felt like you had to win the game all by yourself… so I did.

The Setup

You want 3 insane AI terran team mates and you will be selecting yourself as terran. Yeah it’s kind of cheesy having a TTTT v TTTT but that’s how I got it to work. I suspect you can play as protoss with similar success as well. Make sure you choose Megaton as your map. This is the one where you start off in close distance with your allies with only two mutual entry ways. It also has access to 4 easily accessible natural expansions that will be easy to defend.

Build Order?

The goal here is a very fast factory and some very fast tanks:

10-supply depot
16-supply depot
17- tech lab on rax

Switch the tech lab for the factory and immediately get a tank out, once you have the resources get the siege tech. Pump out marines with your rax.


Your team mates as I said are kind of retarded. While the computer seemingly works together and moves as one the other team seemingly works as one and picks off individual armies. As soon as you see your computer allies move out build a bunker at the entry point closest to you. You want to rally 4-5 SCVs up here as well. Take whatever siege tanks you have and siege them a decent distance behind your bunker.

The computer will send his entire army in to die. He may pick off some SCVs but just keep spamming them into repairing this bunker. If the computer runs away he’ll rally his units to the middle. You move your tanks up to top of the high ground in your base. Every time the computer tries to poke at you you’ll take a chunk out of him. You want to get down a second factory when you’re on one base. As well you want to work your way towards an expansion for more gas. Always build your expansion on the west side of the map, computer players attack there far less often for some reason.

You want to get out a starport (no addon) and just keep pumping out vikings. Yes if you’ve caught on it’s a tanks and vikings build with some marines.


The computer player builds SUPER HEAVY bio with some tanks and a bunch of banshees. He will only change his build order if you attack with a unit. He builds the tanks to deal with all of the other computer’s bio, the banshees to deal with tanks and just marines/marauders for vikings. So composition wise you’ll be superior.

Big key here is to continue to macro up. Constantly building supply depots. When you’re high minerals get more rax down. When you’re high gas get more factories down. The timing of your push is when you’re near max supply. That’s 170-180 food.

You move your entire army to the west side of his map. You’ll need to scan the front of his base and see if he has any units there. If not move in. If he does just wait a little bit until he moves them out. Once in you just siege up and push your way in using your vikings to protect your tanks from banshees and give them sight of the things they’re hitting.

Computer players quit very very quickly to mass tanks. The first one nearly instantly quit after the second round of tank fire.


I suggested that it may be possible to do this with protoss as well. My thought was that with colossus/stalker and an observer you could do this as well. However I think mass tanks is going to be your easiest way of achieving this.

Good hunting.

Edit: I put up a video of me doing this a second time around. This second time around my build didn’t go as well as the first time however the mass tank result is the same:

What this basically shows you is this isn’t an all-in strat as most achievement cheeses are this one has sustained power.

sc2 custom – TheGameGuru.Me (2024)
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